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Holiday in Scandanavia

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Edsås (S)

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Friday 20th July 2007

This morning the weather was looking ok. First we had breakfast, shower next and not breaking up the tents. We'll be here for another night. This morning on our way to Göteborg. There we are going to do a boat tour of the harbour and if there is time left go to Liseberg. We took Arno's Elise and parked it in a gaage. Took most of our small change and got a ticket to park the car up till 15:38. We walked to the point where the boat would leave and tried to get a ticket at the ticketmachine.

But unfortunatly it was broken. And the ticketoffice was closed! They would be back at 11:45. So we would have to wait a while :(.

In the surroudings we foud an interesting building. The architect probably got his inspiration from ships.

We finally got our tickets for the tour after having queued for a while.

And we also took the dramatised tour.

Our boat was ready and waiting.

After a bout a half an hour the boat reached Nya Älvsborgs Fästing (a forth on an island).

From the boat we could clearly see who was going to give us the tour :).

The tour was giving by 3 actors. We were in the group of English speaking tourists (5 in total). Everybody is treated as a prisoner, as the forth was used as a prison. First we got a story from the reverance widow.

In the church we got an explanation on how the life of the prisoners was in those times. After the widow it was time for the commander to explain a bit about the history of the forth.

Nice detail was that the island that is in front of the forth was originally planned to being blown up. But as you can see in the picture, it never happened.

The last story was from the "model prissoner". He told his story in one of the prisons.

In the room next to this there was a painting with an impresson of the life in those days in prison.

In the walls of the forth you can see the canonballs.

The forth has pretty wide walls, it is quite solid.

There are also a couple of canons.

After walking around for a bit we went back to where the boat back would be. We had to wait a bit for the boat. But we did see some seaotters from close by.

The tour took more time than we thought. So we went back to the car. We were there at 15:36, exactly on time. We first had something to eat, because we completely skipped lunch. After lunch we decided to go back. On the way we made a stop at the Maxi ICA to get some dinner and do some shopping for food to take home.

Back at the campsite we made dinner. Rice with Thai sauce and chicken.

In the evening we wathed a series and went to bed early.

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