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Holiday in Scandanavia

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Straumen (N) to Skibotn (N)

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Saturday 7th July 2007

This night we already had a few drops of rain. This morning it was dry and the tents had also dried. But during breakfast we felt a few drops again. So we first packed up the tents and then showered. Fortunatly we got everything dry in the car. Then we went on our way. This time with the roofs on the cars, which was a smart move.

Around 10 we made a small stop. There were still a few drops falling but it stopped raining continuously.

Some pretty views from our route on the E6.

Was a pretty nice drive, nice corners and height different.

Around 10:30 we arrived at our only ferry for the day. We could board immediatly, we didn't have to wait at all! And there was space to spare on the ferry, it was pretty quiet.

Some nice views from the ferry.

After arrival we did a bit of driving and stopped for lunch just after 12:00.

Ofcourse it isn't possible here to enjoy a quite lunch :). Pretty soon a couple of Norwegians drove by asking if they could take pictures of our cars.

The whole we we've seen warning signs for reindeers, moose and other animals. But we haven't seen any up till now. You would expect reindeers in this neighbourhood. So we were surprised when this suddenly happened.

Took a couple of other nice pictures in the afteroon.

Around 17:00 we arrived at the campsite. As we have no idea what kind of weather is forcasted we decided to take a cabin.

Unfortunatly all the supermarkets were closed after 16:00 on saturday. But they did have some food in the camp shop. So we bought some dinner there and some bread for in the morning.
We also sent NOK 25 on internet accces. Try and see what kind of weather they forecast and in the mean time try and upload the website.

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