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Holiday in Scandanavia

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Gronge (N) to Korgen (N)

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Thursday 5th July 2007

Got up this morning at normal time, first breakfast, shower, put the tents away and get on our way. Today not a very exciting trip, it's a prelude to the trip on the R17. To start that one we need to get a bit closer. This is not a very long route, about 300km over the E6 (not many other options).
The weather is fine again, we can take the roof of.

Very happy that it is dry, but Scandanavia seems to be like Holland as far as the weather is concerned. Either you float from the road through all the rain or you get burned off it :). The last few days it has been a constant 30 degrees.

During the first break I took a look again at the front of the car. This morning I cleaned the windscreen, but the rest of the car is just too much work. See the picture below, that is te result of less then one week of driving.

It is quite a contrast on the road. We drive in a temperature of 30 degrees, but in the distance you see snow on the mountain tops.

Got a bit of a delay due to some roadworks. They are putting a thick new top layer on parts of the E6. That will help a lot, some parts of the road are in pretty poor condition.

Today it is pretty much touring, see the movie below to get an impression about how the drive is.

During lunch I remembered to take a picture of the banana paste. As you can see it really looks like banana and it tastes like it too :)

After lunch it was only a short drive to the campsite. Just before the site we went through a more then 8.5km tunnel (wasn't on the TomTom map, so probably pretty new).

The temperature difference is significant. In the tunnel the thermometer read 14 degrees, just outside it, it was 29 degrees.

Shortly after 13:00 we arrived at the campsite. But the reception desk seemed to be closed.

What to do? Well, it is pretty simple. You take one of the envelopes, write your name on it and the license number of the car. You put the money in the envelope and put it in the letterbos :). After doing that you find a spot on the campsite.

We put the tents up in a nice spot. Pretty much in the sun, but there was nothing we could do about that.

The view from the tent was verry nice.

Next we got in Arno's Elise and drove to Mo I Rana. We hoped to find a soldering iron there so we could fix my PDA and I would have navigation in the car again. After looking through a few different shop and not finding anything we ran into TV Huset.

Unfortunatly they didn't have a soldering iron for sale, but we could make use of their workshop! That was a bit of good luck. Disassembled the PDA holder, resoldered the coil on the circuit board, reassembled the PDA holder and everythin was done.

When we got back to the campsite we tested it and it seems to work fine again! Lots of thanks to TV Huset in Mo I Rana!

When we got back to the campsite we first made dinner and ate. Afterwards we plotted the route for the next day. In Mo I Rana we got some information at the tourist bureau about the prices and departure times of the ferry's we need to take tomorrow. We need to leave a bit earlier to catch the first ferry. To save some time we decided to fill up the cars with gas tonight, that wil save a bit of time in the morning.

When we got back, relaxed a bit and put the pictures on the website.

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