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Holiday in Scandanavia

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Kautokeino (N) to Stabbursnes (N)

Friday 29th july 2005

We had a good nights rest and woke up around 07:00, probably due to the low temperature. The rain stopped this morning, so we could get everthing dry into the car, after breakfast and a shower.

Then we wanted to checkout and give back the key for the room. Unfortunatly reception seemed to be closed. It seems to be normal to deposit the key in the basket near the door.

Then we set course for the North Cape. It is pretty cold allready, around 8 degrees. On our way there we had some very nice roads. You will allso see the number of trees and bushes get less.

To get a bit of an idea how driving is over here, you can see a movie below (click on the image).

I finally was able to make a picture of the type of speedcamera they have over here, it is a little bit different from the ones we are used to in the Netherlands.

And we also saw some snow on the mountains.

We also saw some very fanatical people on our way. There was one walking from Gibraltar to the North Cape (no photo unfortunatly), one was cycling and one was langlaufing.

We just made a stop to strech our legs. A pretty spot on one of the fjords at the northern icesea.

Then we stopped for lunch. The wind was so hard and it was raining that we ate inside the car.

Then we drove on the the North Cape. We started to find some tunnels on our way. One of the longest is the one connecting the mainland wit the island Magerøya, a toll tunnel. It costs 140 crowns for a one way trip.
And what do you expect when two cars drive throug a tunnel? Yes, we had to listen to the sound :) (click for a movie).

Then we reached the North Cape. And yes, again a problem with tom tom. Apparently they tried to save too much space when compressing the map information. The North Cape is missing from the map...

After waiting for a long time at the "entrance" to the North Cape (admission 190 crowns), I took a picture of the GPS coordinates there :).

At the North Cape it was even a bit colder than in the morning when we left.

The weather wasn't helpfull. It was nearly a strom, minimum of windforce 7, probably 8 and a lot of rain.
We had to park the car (you can't reach the monument with the car anymore), and run towards the main building. Once inside we got as close as we could to the monument to take some pictures.

After browsing through the souvenir shop to buy some postcards we left. Just on time, because their was a busload (literally) of tourists arriving.
We set course to Lakselv, to a camping. Unfortunatly it was full when we got there. So we drove a bit back to Stabbursnes. They had some space left. As the weather still sucked we took a cabin.

First make dinner..

Then we got all the dirtly laundry and put it in the machine. When we put the clean laundry in the dryer we saw that it would finish after 22:00 and then the building is closed, so we had to pick it up tomorrow morning.

Worked on the website for a bit, made a route for tomorrow and went to bed.

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