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Holiday in Scandanavia

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Eskilstuna (S) to Nävekvarn (S)

Tuesday 9th august 2005

Woke up around 7:00 this morning. Furtunatly I was feeling a lot better than the day before. I got more than 11 hours of sleep and that seems to have helped. It was dry, so we could pack without having to rush. Just to be sure we packed up before breakfast and shower. Then we drove to the exit of the campsite. This one needs a pincode for the barrier. But with a car like the Elise you can just drive under it :)

Then we got on route. Drove on some very nice roads again, with lots of curves (click the picture for a movie_).

We drove towards Upsala. From there we drove the same route Ghostrider did, but in the oposite direction and not as fast, but we did maintain nice speed.

We stopped for lunch around 13:00.

Around 13:30 we entered Stockholm. It wasy really busy. We wanted to go to the Vasa museum, but the parkinglot was so full and it was so busy that we drove on. Did get a chanc to take some pictures fo Stockholm.

After Stockholm we first made a stop to refuel and take a breather. Then we found some nice quiet roads again.

Round 15:45 we found our first ferry of this journey. I was surprised to hear it was free. Not something I'm used to in the Netherlands.

THen we ran into some roadworks. They do that a little bit different from the Netherlands, the surface is also a little different :).

And we found a nice place sign!

Arond 18:00 we arrived in Nävekvarn, at a campsite. We checked in and pitched the tents. I wasn't feeling very good again, so after dinner and the dishes I went to bed and tried to get some more sleep.

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