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Holiday in Scandanavia

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Alfta (S) to Älvdalen (S)

Sunday 7 august 2005

This morning started good, it was raining. First had some breakfast, but the rain didn't get any less. So went to the central building through the rain to get a shower. During packing the weather didn't improve much. So got in the car and got underway.
The route we drove had a bit through Norway. Some very nice road, but it was a shame that it still rained, made driving a lot trickier.

You had to pay close attention, the roads were tricky at places. I drove my front numberplate of the car at 80km/h. Fortunatly I only hit the plate, the nose is ok.

When we arrived in Auml;lvdalen, we rented a cabin on the terrain of the local swimmingpool. It is very small, but also very cheap and it was pretty nice.

First made some dinner, updated the website and tried to get some TV reception. According to the forecast we should have better weather tomorrow, atleas that was what they said yesterday.

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