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Engine information

This page contains information I accumulated over a period of time on the engine in my Speedster. Please bear in mind that this information is not necessarily correct.


The 2.2L in the Speedster is the first engine from the new Ecotec line that General Motors introduced. The engine was designed together with Lotus. The basic architecture is known as code L850. At this moment there are 3 engines based on this architecture: This engines are mainly used in the VS, but you also see them in europe. Especially the 2.2L is used by Opel and is also used by Alfa in new models (2.2 JTS).

The engine is known by different names. In the US the engine is known as the L61, in europe as the Z22SE (explination of the abreviation).


Displacement2.2L, 2189cc, 134ci
Bore x stroke86.00mm x 94.60mm
Ignitions order1 - 3 - 4 - 2
Emmission controlth>Pre catalist
Main catalistbr> Positive carterventilation
Exhaustgas recirculation
ThrottlevalveElectronic or mechanical
Carter oil capacity5L

The engine is built in:

  • Tonawanda, NY, US
  • Kaiserslautern, DE
  • Spring Hill, TN, US

Engine management

The engine management on the Z22SE is a Delco GMPT-E15 (in Canada Delco GMPT-E16). GMTP stands for General Motors Power Train and E15/E16 probably is an internal number. There seems to be very little information on this enigine managment system.



Block specifications
Head specifications