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ECU information

Last update: 2010/05/05

This page contains information on the ECU used on the Z22SE engine in the Opel Speedster and Vauxhall VX220.


Tuning on the ECU is something quite vague for a lot of people. Below are some links based on knowledge aquired during hacking and testing of the ECU.

Below are links to demonstrations of the PC software in combination with the modification made by Peter to the ECU software.

For a current status on Peter's ECU project (OBDTuner) look here.

Known bugs

It looks like there is a bug in the ECU related to the OBD2 interface. This bug is in all 2.2 ECU software versions used on the VX220 and Speedster. When loading the ECU through the OBD2 interface, it can be possible the engine shows a hickup. This seems to become worse when the OBD2 interface is used more heavily. It has most likely something to do with interrupts not begin enabled/disabled.
Beware when using dataloggers on OBD2 or ScanGauge like hardware when pushing the car! Hickups can be quite fierce and might seriously unsettle the car when cornering.

Mode 21 Pid 1

This mode is frequently used by the Tech2 diagnostics software. It is very usefull when logging data because all data is presented as 1 snapshot which is taken at 1 moment. When using this mode it is possble to log with a frequency of about 3Hz. That means all information is available 3 times per second which is a huge improvement over requesting seperate variables.

Mode $21 description