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Rotrex ECU calibration

After installing the Rotrex supercharger, the ECU needed to be recalibrated. As a base I got a map from Peter which he used on his car when the Rotrex was installed.
As his engine configuration is different from mine, I needed to do some tuning. Using the standard ObdTuner procedure, I got the calibration working nicely.

With calibration done, I did a few power runs. The result is below.

So from the graph it reads:

  • 245hp at 6443rpm
  • 288Nm at 5641rpm
That's quite a bit up from the NA setup I was running before :)

Keep in mind that this is with the 32mm restrictor in front of the Rotrex. The actual intake size on this Rotrex is 61mm. So there is room for some improvement.

To compare the new setup to my previous NA setup I included the power graph of both in the image below.

As you can see the shape of the curves is quite comparable, the Rotrex one is more pronounced. This is exactly how the Rotrex feels. It is like an NA engine on sterroids :)

To make the difference with an eaton setup more clear, below is a power graph of an eaton supercharger setup included with the Rotrex results.

Here you clearly see that the Eaton makes way more torque at lower RPM, but it makes less at higher RPM.

Finally, I made a reference graph to the stock 2.2 setup in a Speedster. Change is quite significant :)

Quite happy with the configuration as is. I'll be driving for a while with this setup before making any changes. Just to see if everything is setup correctly and how I want to proceed furter.