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3" exhaust

After I had the first exhaust from 2Bular fitting back in 2007, I asked them to make me a manifold too. Having sent them numerous original parts (which I never received back) for mock-up, I got some prototypes sent for fitment. But they didn't fit the car, they always hit the waterpipe.

After 5 years of to and fro, I received the latest manifold in august of 2012. It wasn't just the manifold, but a complete 3" system, including catalyst and silencer.

The complete system looks very nice!

The silencer is pretty interesting, it is a large silencer (8" by 24") and it is an absorption silencer, as the previous one was. However, the perforated pipe isn't present at the start end the end of the silencer. There are 2 empty space there, which should help reduce sound but still create minimal flow issue's.

Although it should be doable to fit the manifold with the clam on, unfortunately it didn't. So we had to take the rear clam off.

We put the manifold in place.

And, surprise, surprise, it doesn't fit! It is the same problem all over again with the manifold hitting the water pipe.

The flange at the bottom would also hit the heatshield the manifold would have cleared the waterpipe.

Although I've been trying to get the right parts from 2Bular, after 5 years of trying, I am giving up.. I put in an order for the 3" Tullet manifold with the downpipe. And after a wait of 7 days (yes, those are days, not years), the parts arrived.

I installed the manifold on the car, and this one does fit.

Next I had to have the downpipe from Tullet modified, so I could connect it to the 2Bular catalyst and silencer. The final piece fit first time!

Tullet also put in an extra lambda bung and a nut for an EGT sensor, so I could now connect the standard narrow band and also a wideband with heatsink.

As the new downpipe has the flexi bit after the standard hanger location, there is no longer a hanger to support the exhaust over there.

The clearance between the silencer and catalyst is minimal, but it is enough.

The new 180 degree bend is also new, bit time made from 2 90 degree bits to create a wider bend without sticking too too much.

In the old setup I didn't use the hanger that is located between the catalyst and the 180 degree bend. But as the hanger near the downpipe can't be used I had a exhaust clamp modified with a piece of rod so the exhaust has support on the 2nd hanger point.

It's getting a bit crowded with the two lambda sensors in place :)

And I also put in the EGT sensor.

So with the silencer in place, the system is complete!

Of course with the clam on there isn't much to see.

The single exit is a bit long, but it does help keeping the noise down a bit.

The silencer doesn't seem to make very much noise compared to my previous 2.5" setup.