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Bootlock quickrelease

When removing the rear clam or putting it back in place it take some time to put the boot lock back in and align it with the cover. So not having to take it out would save some time. The electrical cable for the alarm switch is easy, just solder a connector in the cable and you're done. The boot lid release cable is another story.

So I was looking for a way to split a bowden cable. Having found some original car parts (e.g. BMW have some) I looked into those, but they were pretty bulky. Then I ran into a throttlecable splitter, used for motorcycles to split the cable coming from the handlebar to two carburetors.

I ordered one so I could use it the make a "quickrelease" for the bowden cable.

So first action is to cut the bowden cable. Best to use a dremel with a cutting disc.

First go through the outer skin.

Then cut through the steel cable.

Then we fit an adjuster (from a bike cable kit) to one side of the cable and slide one half of the splitter on.

Then get an end clip for the cable and secure it in place using locktite.

At the other end I used the cable that came with the bike kit (and has a fixed stop on the cable). And we put the centerpiece on that cable.

Then hook the other cable into the centerpiece.

Now screw both parts of the housing together.

Now you can use the screws to adjust the tension. Try it out by opening the boot lid.

The rest is all standard, you won't notice anything when opening or closing the boot. But when removing the clam, just unscrew and decouple the cables and your good :)