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Rear wiring change

When removing the rear clam it is always a pain to remove the relays and fuses from the boot. So when the clam was off I tried to see of the wiring on the relays was long enough to migrate them to a location behind the driver seat. And it was long enough :)

First I removed all tape from the cable.
To get the wiring through the firewall, I removed all pins from the relay seats. Then put the wire through the firewall. Then I started taping in the wiring, starting at the junction point where the cable splits to the rear lights and the relays.

Then moving more towards the firewall.

And finally the last bit at the firewall.

With the wiring behind the driver seat I reattached the relay sockets and put in a new fusebox.

Using a few screws I hung the relays from the foam block.

The other issue is the connectors to the rear lights. You have to disconnect them in the boot. As I was working on the wiring anyway I decided to put a set of extra connectors behind the wheelarchliner. That way you can easily disconnect the rear lights and the boot alarm switch when taking out the wheelarchliner.

I used some sealed connectors to wire this up.

And now it is easy to disconnect the electricals from the clam :)