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Windscreenwiper relay

It is possibel to change the windscreenwiper relay in the Speedster by a different type. This changes the behaviour of the wiper as follows:
  • After a short spray of the screen there is only 1 wipe in stead of 4.
  • After a longer spray of the screen there is only 2 wipes in stead of 4.
  • The interval time is adjustable. Put the stick on interval and back again. Wait the time you want the interval to be and put the stick back on interval.
The relay which is in the Speedster is the same type as on the Volkswagen Golf type III. I got one of there relay from the dealer, but you can try and save some money and get one of the scrap yard.
The part number that is on the relay is:

357 955 531 (manufacturor Doduco)

There seem to be other relay part numbers, but this is the one I got.

The new relay is a bit smaller as the original one. Make sure you get the right relay. I got one for the rear screen wiper, which is not going to work.

The new relay on the left.
Check if the pins are the same.

Putting the relay in place is simple, but you shouldn't have problems hanging up-side-down in the speedster. There are two realis in the passenger foot compartment. The relay you have to change is the one closest to the outside of the car. To check you have the right relay, put the wipers on and feel which relay ticks.
You can pry the relay out with a small screwdriver or a knife. It can be pretty tight, but with some convincing you can get it out.

The empty plug is where the relay goes.
The plug is screwd in the allumium.

That's all it takes :)