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Adjust window

Less than a week after picking up my Speedster I noticed a gaping gap between the driver side window and the softtop.

The gap...

As they were forecasting rain I was getting a bit nervous. Judiging from the drawings in the Elise manuals it shouldn't be hard to adjust the height of the window, just remove the doorpannels and adjust the screw. Right.. Just remove the doorpannels.. Sounds easy?

Unfortunatly I didn't take too many pictures. But you have to start of with removing the screws from the side of the door where the door catch is. If you remove those you can remove the first bit of the panneling.

First pannel...

Then remove the window winder, pretty easy if you have the allen keys.
Next you have to remove the big panel. Remove the screw that became visible after removing the first panel. The panel is held in place by plugs. Gently work your way around the panel and pry it loose. The card behind the door handle is very fiddly. There are two screws you need to remove. Then you can pull the doorhandle and get the find card off the door.
Removing the pannels is not without risk, the plugs can break. BTW, in case you didn't notice, underneath the leather trim of the door is some kind of material that can dent and it stays dent. Be carefull...

All the bits.
One naked door.

What you are left with now is the basic door (wonder why the Speedster is so much heavier that the Elise???). Pull a bit of the plasic covering loose (carfully). Behind the plastic you'll see the eccentric screw that needs adjusting. You need to get at it from behind. It's fidly but doable.

This one you need to adjust.

After adjusting it, check it before putting all the panneling back on the door. Mine was lining up with the soft top much better.

No more gap.