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I'm not really an audiophile, but I do like to listen to music. Inspired by my nephew I started to build my audio setup again.


I like quite a diverse palet of music. You can view my music collection here.



After much deliberation I currently ended up with this audio equipent:

Hepta Four Tune Excellence

I still very pleased with these Dutch loudspeakers, one of the last that Hepta build with side woofers. I can hear the details in music which I couldn't hear with my previous set of Quarz loudspeakers. The disadantage is you get very selective in the music you play. Mp3 is a problem, you can clearly hear the faults in the music. But the differences between CD's is huge. Some CD's just don't sound right, very funny. Mode details on these loudspeakers can be found on:

Infoblad on the Hepta website

For more inforation on the current offerings from Hepta, see the Hepta website.

Cambridge Audio Azur 840A V2

After choosing the Hepta loudspeakers I finnaly made my choice on the amplifier. I allways wanted a class-A amplifier. All revies I read about such amplifiers wrote about the nice warm sound the produce, which sounded good to me. With the 840A from Cambridge I seem to have found a pretty good alternative. And, a bit to my amazement, the difference with my old Onkyo amplifier was very noticable. Maybe this amplifier isn't to everyone's taste, but I really like the sound it produces combined with my Hepta's.

Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V2

Last one was the CD player. This was quite simple, I just selected one from the Cambridge product range. With my hearing I couldn't hear the difference compared to my old Sony player. For me the loudspeakers and the amplifier are the most important components.