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Holiday in Scandanavia

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Kiel (D) to Waddinxveen (NL)

Saturday 13th augustus 2005

Woke up this morning around 07:00. Fortunatly didn't have any trouble sleeping despite the rough sea.

First took a shower then went for breakfast. When we entered the harbour we even had company from a marine ship.

Later on it seemed more plausible that it was for a different ship, as the coastguard was next to it.

Around 08:45 we got the call that we could go to the car deck.

Once in Kiel the weahter seemed to be ok, but not long after the weather started to follow the predictions.

We made some stops along the way. In the more southern parts of Germany it was dry. So there we could get out of the car and stretch our legs and eat outside. And ofcourse the usual attention from other people.

Around 14:40 we crossed the border with the Netherlands.

Around 17:00 we arrived in Woubrugge at Arno's home. First called U-ri Kang-san (Korean restaurant) and reserved a table. They should be finished around now with the rebuild of the restaurant. Then we unpacked the Elise and went to dinner.
I arrived home around 22:00. When unloading took the chance to take a picture of the amound of luggage you can put in the Speedster. It amazes a lot of people..

Finished of the website with the pictures of today and went off to bed!

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