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Holiday in Scandanavia

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Hult (S) to Surte (S)

Thursday 11th august 2005

For a change went out of bed around 07:00. First breakfast, finished off the last filmmjolk.
Fortunatly it remained dry, so we could pack up quite relaxed. We planned a route towards Göteborg to take a motel there. The most part of the journey we had nice weather, we even had the roof of most of the day (!!). Below some more nice road.

Made a couple of moies today, last day that I could. In Germany we'll mostly be doing autobahn.

Around 16:00 we arrived in Göteborg. The first motel we found was reasonably priced, so we too that one. Unfortunatly their creditcard machine was broken, so we first had to go to the local village to get some money. The room was quite nice, but just a bit hot :)

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