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Personal Details

NameMark Willem Verboom
AddressMeteorenweg 62
2743 LB Waddinxveen
PhoneMain : +31 182 64 00 16
Fax : +31 848 31 29 90
Birthday30 october 1973
Place of birthGouda
Marital statusSingle
LanguagesDutch, English
MiscellaneousDriverslicense A and B
Non smoking
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2017Prodrive Driver Training (Certificate)
2015F5 Configuring BIG-IP LTM v11(Certificate of completion)
2015F5 Administering BIG-IP v11(Certificate of completion)
2015Ubiquiti enterprise wireless admin (Certificate)
2015Barracuda spam firewall certified engineer(Certificate)
2014HE IPv6 certification (Certificate)
2014TIG welding stainless steel and aluminium
2011IT Architectuur Fundamentals
2011Avaya LAN (Vosko)
2009TIG welding introduction
2008Barefoot Shiatsu (Certificate)
2008Nortel ERS & ES workshop (Vosko)
2005Network Appliance Data Ontap 6.5 course
2004Veritas Cluster version 4 course (Certificate of completion)
2004Working safely in EPA spaces
2004Openwave Email Mx system monitoring and fault analysis
2004Openwave Email MX 6.0 basic operations training
2004Exim 4 Course (on-site in Amsterdam, specifically for @Home infastructure) by Philip Hazel
2003Prodrive Driver Training (Certificate)
2001Prodrive Driver Training (Certificate)
2001Lotus Driver Training (Certificate)
1999ANWB Driver Training (Certificate)
1997ITIL Essentials
1992 - 1996Haagse Hogeschool, sector Informatica
B.S. in Software Engineering and Datacommunications (Certificate, International supplement)
1986 - 1992VWO at Samenwerkingsschool in Waddinxveen (Certificate)

Recent experience (summary)

AvayaER86000, ERS4548, ERS4550, ERS3510
CycladesAlterpath ACS-48
CycladesAlterpath ACS-48
DellPowerEdge (miscelaneous models), ML6000 tapelibrary
F5BIG-IP 2000
IBMX-Series 342, 345, 346
JuniperSA2500, MAG2600
NetAppFAS 2240A, FAS 2220A, FAS 3140, FAS 2050, FAS 270, FAS 920C (cluster), FAS 960, FAS 980C (cluster)
NortelERS8800, ERS5510, BPS2000, ES460
Silicon GraphicsO200, O2, PowerChallenge, Onxy, Indy, Indigo
SunUltra-10, Ultra-2, Ultra-250, V240, V440, Fire 880, A1000 storage, A5200 storage, D2 storage, 3310 storage, L100 tape jukebox
UbiquitiUniFi AP, UniFi AP-LR, mFi

Operating Systems

Checkpoint GAiAR71,R76
Data Ontapversion 6.5, 7 and 8 in 7-mode
Debian GNU/Linuxall versions (in combination with kernel 2.4, 2.6, 3 and 4)
F5TMOS 11.6
Fedora CoreVersion 5, 6
FedoraVersion 10, 11
InfobloxNIOS 6
JuniperSecure Access 6, 7
RedHat Enterprise LinuxVersion 4, 5 and 6
Silicon Graphics Irixversion 4, 5 and 6
Sun Solarisversion 8, 9 and 10


EmailOpenwave Intermail MXversion 5 and 6
Eximversion 4
MailScannerversion 4
Spam Asassinversion 2
Sendmailversion 8
BackupSun Solstice Backup (Legato Networker)version 6, 7 and 8
WebApache HTTP serverversion 1 and 2
Bea WebLogic Serverversion 4
Squidversion 2 and 3
DNSBindversion 8 and 9
ClusteringVeritas Clusterversion 4
DocumentationTwikiversion Beijing
Mediawikiversion 1.2 - 1.7
ManagementCricketversion 1
Zenossversion 2, 3 and 4
NetApp Operationsmanager
Nortel Devicemanager
Ubiquiti Unifi2, 3
FirewallCheckpoint Firewall-1version 4.1,R71,R76
Linux IP pablesversion for kernel 2.4, 2.6 and 3
FWBuilder1 - 5
VirtualisationQemu/kvmfrom version 0.91 till current
Proxmoxversion 2 and 3
VMWare Server
User Mode Linuxversion 2.6
Solaris 10 zones

Employment history

EmployerAirbus Defence and Space Netherlands
11/2014 - currentUnix and network administrator Company brand change from Dutch Space to Airbus Defence and Space.
EmployerDutch Space
02/2008 - 11/2014Unix and network administrator As an extra responsibility the administration of the company network. Maintaining the core routers and switches, restructuring and improving the network. For the move to our new building, a complete redesign of the whole network with a high focus on redundancy and disaster recovery.
Implementation of the architecture for secure remote access. Migration from old NetApp filer to new bigger model, including cross site data replication. Successfull execution of disaster recovery test with basic service recovery within 1 day.
09/2006 - 02/2008Unix administrator Within the IT department responsible for the Unix systems (Solaris, Linux and Irix), storage (Network Appliance), internet connection, firewall (Checkpoint firewall-1) and applications within Dutch Space. Also working in projects, giving advise, designing and implementing. Work includes the implementation of an anti-spam solution (Barracuda), designing a safe remote access architecture for external parties and internal people, restructuring systems, server rooms, documentation and procedures. Technical fallback for all IT personel.
EmployerEssent Kabelcom
01/2004 - 08/2006Coordinator Unix Promoted to Unix team coordinator of the team. Next to operations now also responsible for planning, operational coordination and Unix infrastructure. Operational administration of systems, designing of architectures and running projects. Working directly with the project department for estimating task times, planning of resources and steering at project progress problems.

By introducing a resource planning for the team, the smoothnes of implementation for projects has improved. The projectleaders now have a better idea of who is doing what. Also the team members experience this as very usefull.
With the idea of introducing a wiki based documentation system, the technical people got motivated to do documentation of systems and applications. This led to good documentation that is actually being maintained.
By the inhouse development of a CMDB (configuration management database) the important attributes of systems and applications have become centrally available. Not only the unix administrators can now use this to estimate impact when there is a problem, but also other departments can retrieve information about the complete installbase. Additionally the CMDB allows the team to guide onsite engineers to the location they have to be.

04/2003 - 12/2003Sr. Unix Administrator Responsible for the Unix infrastructure, front and backend systems within a team of 8 Unix administrators. Operational administration of the systems and rollout of projects. The system landscape consists of over 200 Sun Solaris systems and more then 150 IBM Debian/Linux systems. Applications being used are among others Openwave Intermail MX, Apache, Exim, Mailscanner, Legato Networker and Bind. Working very directly with other operational departments like the NOC, Application maintenance group and the Database Administrator group.

Worked within the team on designing, implementing and taking into production an anti-virus and anti-spam system for the email service. Taking into account scalability, being easy to maintain and delivering the correct functionality.
Optimizing the tftp software when there were performance problems. A review of the sourcecode gave some indications of changes to be made. These changes led to a performance increase of a factor 100, which allow different processes within the company to work a lot faster and improve the quality of service towards the customer.

EmployerTeam Tux
04/2002 - 02/2003Part-time Unix and network consultant at Network Control Responsible for security, performance and architecture. Design systems (Debian GNU/Linux), configure firewall's (Linux IPTables) and document procedures.
Giving third line support when there were large problems, allowing for quick restoration of service to the customer. Helping optimize the situation, so the problems could next time be solved without my help.
08/2001 - 03/2003Coordinator Unix at De Telegraaf Coordinate operations, plan changes, coordinate projects. Together with the administrators design new infrastructures, make new technical solutions.
Optimze the infrastructure and operational tasks so the headcount could be reduced from 14 to 4.
Participated in project to reduce the infrastructure costs by changing the network infrastructure, migrate to 1 platform (linux) and optimize the administraional tasks.
Technical and organisational role in the architecture sessions for the whole of De Telegraaf.
12/2000 - 07/2001Unix administrator at @Home Management of Solaris, Irix and Linux systems for @Home Benelux. Troubleshooting and maintaining of intermail, sendmail, typhoon and networker software. Executing and planning projects, planning and executing changes, knowledge transfer within the unix team and restructuring the Unix administration.
09/2000 - 11/2000Software engineer at PSINet For PSINet Datacenter Netherlands creating the desgin, implemeting and documenting a bandwidth monitoring system to create reports about customer bandwith usage. Written in PHP with a PostgreSQL database as backend (both running on Linux), scalable for the complete datacentre (over 90.000 systems).
08/2000 - 04/2001Unix administrator/architect at Rentashop Parttime trouleshooting, advising and coaching at Rentashop. Creating procedures, writing support software and help with expanding their IT infrastructure. Systems running Solaris, Irix and Linux and using applications intershop, apache, networker and sendmail.
08/2000Unix administrator at Chello At Chello Broadband administration of a Sun server farm for the Amsterdam region. These systems provide different services to the endusers, for example email (Sun cluster with netscape mail), news (a number of inn based servers), web (homepages and business servers and DNS.
EmployerBueau Financiele Zaken Lunteren (BFZL)
06/2000 - 07/2000Software engineer Developed a number of applications for automating internal company processes. All applications are based on PHP with a PostgreSQL database as a backend, running on a Linux system. The first application maintains a user database and assigns users rights which are coupled to the webserver and smb server, giving them permissions to different pools of information. The second application registers the deployment of mobile phones within the staff. The third application keeps track of the number of free days the staff have left and how many day's they called in sick.
05/2000Unix administrator/architect bij Rentashop At Rentashop giving advice on performance, security and administration of their Unix servers. Planned, supervised and helped with the migration of the complete serverpark to a new location.
05/2000Software engineer bij InterBox Internet Development of application in PHP for generating dynamic HTML code from a MySQL database for a number of different custeromers (for example Dawidenko and Intercambio).
01/2000 and 03/2000Software engineer bij Planet Internet Added additional functionality and enhancing documentation for the IP registration software at Planet Internet
12/1999 - 01/2000Unix administrator/architect Further fine-tuning of the interal infrastructure, optimizing the administration of the servers and advising on the telecommunications infrastructure.
10/1999 - 11/1999Software engineer bij Planet Internet Development of an IP address registration system for the ADSL project at Planet Internet. This system registers IP address space, assigns it to customers and integrates with the existing provisioning system. The systems is written in C with an Oracle database as backend.
08/1999 - 09/1999Unix administrator Migrating the existing Novell Netware based network to a Linux server based network (with samba).
EmployerUnix Support Nederland
01/1997 - 08/1999Unix administrator at Fokker Space Administration (based on ITIL) of the Unix systems at Fokker Space (around 50 Sun and Sillicon Graphics systems, running Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6 and Irix 5.3 - 6.5). Administration of the Internet connection (leased line with Cisco router), application administration of Checkpoint Firewall-1, Legato Networker (serverside and the client side for all unix systems), DNS, Email (sendmail), misc. web- and samba servers. Installation and troubleshooting of (technical) problems for different engineering tools (Euclid, MSC Patran, MSC Nastran, Ideas and Abaqus). Together with the SAP administrators performing software and hadware upgrades and performance tuning. Advising on software development, security and purchage of hard- and software.
11/1996Unix administrator Migration of the office network from Windows 3.11 to Windows NT 4.0, with a central server based on SCO Unix and samba for file- and printservices.
05/1996 - 10/1996Intern A graduation assignment for building application for an intranet based on web and unix technology, coupled to databases. Development of a central agenda system and trouble-ticket registration system. Build a framework to develop new application in, including documentation. For my graduation lecture I choose firewall's as my subject.
05/1996Unix administrator Implementing UUCP on a number of HP/UX systems to let them automatically exchange data between the different sites of VIR.
1996Part-time Unix administrator at Fokker Space Parttime systemadministration of Sillicon Graphics Systems for the ESF (Eurosom Simulation Facilities) project at Fokker Space. Planning and executing hardware and software upgrades, installing a number of linux systems, implementing a backup system (including writing the software) and documenting configuration data of all hardware and software.
07/1995 - 08/1995Unix administrator Seting up and administrating the office network. The network consists of a central SCO Unix server and Windows 3.11 clients. They are coupled with to the server with NFS. Setting up documentation for procedures and configurations of the workstations and server.
1995 - 1996Part-time Unix administrator On-site support and troubleshooting for Unix systems at different companies (SMRA and Casema).
08/1994 - 01/1995Intern As a school assignment modified and added functionality to Elm (email package for Unix), development of email software (written in C, running under unix) for the Philips P100 telephone and made an implementation plan for setting up an Internet Service Provider.
1994 - 1995Programmer Developed software in Turbo Pascal to process stock value's (BGO).
1993Programmer Development of Image in Z80 assembler (diskrecovery tool for MSX systems)
1991 - 1993Operator System operator of Bulletin Board System The Sun BBS. Specialized in customizations of the BBS software and home made extentions on the software.


ProjectTechno Challenge
01/2008 - currentVolunteer In the Techno Challge project I help preparing the cars, consulting on the use of technology and working with and explaining aout datalogging to the students attending the project at Circuit Park Zandvoort. For the project I gave presentations on datalogging to students attending the Jet-Net Universum Carreer Day in 2009.


Typing diploma (160 characters/minute)
Driverslicense A and B
ANWB drivers training
Lotus drivers training
Prodrive drivers training
1st Lotus driving school
Barefoot Shiatsu


Cars, radio plays, computers, movies, photography.


Gradelist VWO
Gradelist Haagse Hogeschool
Reference USN
Reference Essent Kabelcom

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