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For the Speedster/VX220 there are a number of recalls. This page describes a number of them.

Warning: information on this page is not necessarily correct or complete! Always check with your dealer if you think there might be a problem.

Distribution chain oil sprayer

Speedster2000-2001Norwich1 N 0001451 N 001492

ABS control unit

Affected cars: 193 (Netherlands)

This recall concerns the ABS Control Unit when driving extremely sporty. The problem can easily be resolved by replacing the Control Unit by a new version with an adjusted software version.

Speedster2001 & 2002Norwich1 N 0000011 N 002191
Speedster2001 & 2002Norwich2 N 0021922 N 004926

Drivers airbag

Affected cars: 148 (Netherlands)

Quality control has shown that in some cases the drivers airbag has small fissures in the airbag cushion. As no risk is taken, all airbags will be replaced by new ones.

Speedster2001-2002Lotus1 N 0000012 N 003648


Affected cars: 7 (Netherlands)

A number of cars have a problem with the front brake calipers. Due to a anomoly in the production process with the supllier, they don't conform to Opel's specifications.

Speedster2001Lotus1 N 0019371 N 002158

Vacuumhose brakebooster

Affected cars: 213 (Netherlands)
Affected cars: 347 (Belgium)

Ends: 30th september 2008

Speedster2001-2003Lotus1 N 0000013 N 007399


Affected cars: 150 (Netherlands)
Affected cars: 261 (Belgium)

Only cars with silver aluminium rims 7.5J x 17 (option QN3)

Speedster2001-2002Lotus1 N 0000012 N 003887