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Prepare for boost

To prepare the engine for a boosted setup I need to make some changes. After the changes are in place the car should still be drivable as an NA.

Start with the current setup.

Remove the air intake, ECU connectors and ECU.

Remove the throttlebody.

Remove the cabling (disconnect all connectors) and disconnect the fuel lines.

Pull the fuel rail including the injectors from the engine.

Remove the nuts and bolts holding the intake manifold in place and plug off the intake ports.

I took the fuelrail and injectors upstairs to change them over to a larger set I had perpared, which is a set of Siemens 550cc/min.

Remove the old LSJ injectors from the fuel rail and place the new injectors on the rail.

Next is the postive crank ventilation between intake runners 2 and 3. This works fine in an NA setup but will blow air into the engine when boosted. So we need to plug this off.

So I removed the plate from the manifold and found a screw which I put in the hole and secured with locktite.

And put the plate back on the intake manifold.

Now put the manifold back in the car and secure it in place, except for the middle top bolt.

Remove the stock MAP sensor from the manifold and put the MAP adapter bracket in place.

And secure the adapter with the remaining bolt.

Next put the fuel rail back in place and the throttlebody. As I used a custom bracket for the ECU back in 2007 that was quite high, I needed to place a lower profile ECU bracket. I modified one which I put velcro on and secured that to the intake manifold.

Next put some velcro on the bottom of the ECU.

And put the ECU and the ECU connectors back in place.

Put the intake back on the throttlebody and connect the new MAP sensor to the map adapter plate and connect it to the stock connector using the adapter tail. I used two tiewraps to secure it to the cableguide. The new MAP sensor is a 2.5Bar range Omni Power sensor.

After all changes I took OBDTuner and changed the settings for the MAP sensor and injectors. I uploaded the configuration and the engine started without a problem. Even the testdrive was smooth, very cool that OBDTuner is so very flexible :)