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During this kind of trip you are bound to get reactions about the cars. In the Netherlands we're used to people reacting when you see these kinds of cars driving by. But here in Scandinavia these cars are much more rare, especially when you go more north. You don't only get reacties while parked at a campsite or in a parkinglot, but also during driving.

Just for fun we made a list of the different reactions we've got.

Actions from people

  • People spontaneously start waving at you when you drive through small villages (and not because we're driving too fast)
  • Other cars and motorcycles signal their lights and start waving at you
  • Cars sound their horn
  • People spontaneously give way to you while the traffic rules don't require that they do.
  • Thumbs up from pedestrians, cyclists etc

Wat people say

  • Gul bilen!
  • Nice car!
  • What size is the engine?
  • Can I take a picture of the car?
  • Is it a turbo?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Do you have any beer? Nice car!
  • Can you drive that here?
  • How is it to drive here?
  • Are they racecars?
  • Drift!
  • Burnout!
  • Mooie auto! (Yes, we saw some Dutch people too :) )