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Project M1-11

Quotes from project M1-11 (Lotus Elise)

"You have to feel as if it is rewarding to change gear. Otherwise you might as well drive an automatic vehicle. And that is not really what sportscars are associated with." - Dave Minter

"Also believe it or not in the aircraft industry you don't really need very much in the way of impact resistance. if a plane goes into a hillside I don't think any amount of adhesive would help very much." - Jerry Powell

"I think given the choice between doing a door and a new engine, I think I choose the new engine." - Tony Chute

"At the time we even thought it didn't look half bad. Because love is blind. Looing at the proto 1 now it is hiddious." - Richard Rackham

"Rover is far more process orientated, far more concerned about doing things very correctly. Lotus is much more on the edge, on the edge of technology, on the edge of failure maybe." - John Gibbs (Rover)

"When we came in the next day with our inventory of what we needed to build this thing they just shook their head and said it is totally impossible. Tt's a third of the amount of stuff that anybody has used to do this before. And we achieved it quite comfortably and within the time." - Tony Chute