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Lotus Driver Training Experience

Arno and I had rented the Elise last year from budget (see Lotus Elise) for a day. Driving it was great fun, so we decided to go to the UK for the Lotus Driver Experience Training. Being on a closed circuit would be a more safe way to get a feel of what the car is capable of, and ofcourse improve our driving skills.

After registering for the course we received some more info:

As wearing a helmet is mandatory for this course, we set out to buy some. My motor helmet had to be replaced anyway (over 5 years old) and Arno wanted a helmet of his own too. After looking around on the various websites and visiting some (kart)shops in the Netherlands, we didn't find what we were looking for. Nobody could sell us a Simpson helmet, which was the one we wanted. Fortunatly a shop in Belgium sells Simpson helmets, so we went over there and orderd two. They should have arrived way before the weekend of the training, but due to manufacturing problems, they were delayed till june. So no helmets for the training :-(.

As I need a large size helmet (XXL, which is around 64/65) I decided to bring my own helmet, just to make sure I could drive in case they wouldn't have one in my size.

Arno made reservations for the trip, which would be from the 26th to the 28th of may. Here is an overview of those three days:

Saturday 26th of may
Sunday 27th of may
Monday 28th of may