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Maarten Memorial 2009

A warm and sunny monday for the sixth edition of Maarten Memorial.

Last year I updatd my blog during the day, this time I used twitter, as that is even easier to use when you are on the move. To make it easier I made a copy of all my twitter postings (including the pictures) on my blog:

Maarten Memorial blog and twitter messages

I made quite a few photo's and also got some from Leo (thanks for that!). There are too many to put in one page, so I decided to put them on my photo album. Should be a bit easier to read. You can find them at:

Maarten Memorial 2009 photo album

I also have a couple of movies. The first one is Yvo Tuk. This year he did one of his outstanding briefings again at Zandvoort, so I just had to make sure I had it recorded :)

And this year was the first time that Lee Towers (ambasador for the Daniel Den Hoed clinic) was here. And he sat in Arno's Elise for a photo shoot! :)

And ofcourse I also made an in-car recording of the two sessions I did on the track.

As you've seen on either twitter or my blog, a cheque was handed out for 100.000 euro's. So next to giving everybody a great day, again a substantial amount of money was raised in the fight against cancer!

Thanks for that!