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Holiday in Scandanavia

Last year Arno and me decided to make a trip through Sweden with the Elise and the Speedster. After months of planning and preperation it was time to go on the 23th of july, the journey could start. Below you will find a journey log per day, where we've been and what we've seen. The distances are a lot longer than when you drive the normal routes. All the routes we've driven avoid the main roads and are mainly to drive the nice pieces of road, so they are a lot longer than normal.

Some statistics on the journey:
Distance driven: 9632km
Average distance per day: 437km
Used fuel: 647.46L
Number of refuels: 31 times
Average amount of fuel per refuel: 20.89L
Average fuel usage: 6.7L/100km (1 op 14.9)
Average fuel price:EUR 1.2917 per liter (min: EUR 0.992 per liter, max: EUR 1.4977 per liter)

2005/07/23 Waddinxveen (NL) to Kiel (D) (567 km)
2005/07/24 Goteborg (S) to Arvika (S) (333 km)
2005/07/25 Arvika (S) to Sveg (S) (417 km)
2005/07/26 Sveg (S) to Meselefors (S) (452 km)
2005/07/27 Meselefors (S) to Jokkmokk (S) (479 km)
2005/07/28 Jokkmokk (S) to Kautokeino (N) (444 km)
2005/07/29 Kautokeino (N) to Stabbursnes (N) (585 km)
2005/07/30 Stabbursnes (N) to Inari (F) (478 km)
2005/07/31 Inari (F) to Rovaniemi (F) (337 km)
2005/08/01 Rovaniemi (F) to Sangis (S) (271 km)
2005/08/02 Sangis (S) to Älvsbyn (S) (324 km)
2005/08/03 Älvsbyn (S) to Åsele (S) (473 km)
2005/08/04 Åsele (S) to Björnänge (S) (567 km)
2005/08/05 Björnänge (S) to Kvarnsjö (S) (221 km)
2005/08/06 Kvarnsjö (S) to Alfta (S) (485 km)
2005/08/07 Alfta (S) to Älvdalen (S) (464 km)
2005/08/08 Älvdalen (S) to Eskilstuna (S) (419 km)
2005/08/09 Eskilstuna (S) to Nävekvarn (S) (379 km)
2005/08/10 Nävekvarn (S) to Hult (S) (439 km)
2005/08/11 Hult (S) to Surte (S) (379 km)
2005/08/12 Surte (S) to Göteborg (S) (108 km)
2005/08/13 Kiel (D) to Waddinxveen (NL) (610 km)